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Royal Blood series ~ Promo

Title: Princesses of the Night
Authors: Teresa Fuentez & Tich Brewster
Genre: NA/Paranormal
Cover Artist: Paragraphic Designs

Nothing happens by chance, we have all been given a destiny.  Some will follow in the steps set out before them and make their creator proud.  Others will follow destruction and tear down that which is good.

Tanya sees visions of the future. It's not just fangs and blood, danger and destruction are quickly approaching.  Will she accept her destiny and walk in the path the goddess has set out before her?

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I gave him a small smile and a hug.  All I wanted to do was tell him everything.  This was the first secret that we had between us.  “Hey Mark.”
“Hey yourself, I’ve called you guys about a hundred times this last week.  Where on earth have you all been?”
“We’ve just been busy,” I said backing up a few steps.  I was so eager to get out of there.
“Busy huh?”  He opened his mouth like he was going to say something else but then his facial expression changed.  His eyes darted all over my body.  He moved close to me, close enough I could feel his minty breath on my face.  He cupped my face in his hands, looked me over, and then took a step back.  He turned my face from side to side.  “Honey, what did you do to yourself?”
“Nothing, I…”  I couldn’t even finish my sentence.  His finger flew up to my lips to shush me.
“Nothing my…seriously, it’s me you’re talking to.  You know you can tell me anything.  I won’t judge you, I love you.”  His eyes changed from concerned to pleading.
I wanted to tell him, I really did.  I wanted to tell him about all of us but I knew that I would be putting him in danger if I did.  The one thing that Lazarith stressed to us was that the vamp law stated we keep ourselves a secret.  The punishment for those that broke that law was death and the one that learned the secret had to be dealt with, whatever that meant.
“Tanya please, we have never kept secrets.”  He grabbed my hand and pulled me over into the clothes section.  He looked around to make sure there wasn’t a soul in sight before he spoke again.  “I can see that there is something different about you.  You’re as pale as a vampire.”
I completely froze in my tracks.  No, no, no.  Oh god, please no.  I could feel my heart skipping beats as I stood there looking at him.  How could he know?

Title: Hold Fast
Authors: Teresa Fuentez & Tich Brewster
Genre: NA/Paranormal
Cover Artist: Sprinkles On Top Studios

Life doesn't always happen the way it's supposed to. But it is what we make it. Hold fast to the ones you love. When it seems like all else is lost, hold fast.

Serienna has been wounded in battle and is hanging onto life by a thread. Her sister has the ability to heal her but it leaves her with amnesia. She is in a struggle to regain her memory. Without her to fulfill the prophesy, the world will be destroyed by a power-hungry vampire. Will her soul mate be able to help her break down the mental wall to free her memories?

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The room was totally and completely silent.  No one spoke a single word.  What had happened in here anyway?  All I could see was blood.  It soaked into the carpets, tainting them a bright crimson.  Who was hurt?  Was it one of my sisters?  As I looked around at the many people gathered in the small hotel room I noted that they were all accounted for, and unharmed.
I thought back, trying to retrace my day.  I took in my surroundings; the hotel I was standing in was definitely familiar.  As I looked around I remembered that we had checked into it just a day or so ago.
Someone passed right in front of me, almost knocking me over.  I grabbed her arm, or at least I tried to.  When my hand closed around her arm, my fingers gently slid all the way through it.
That was freaky.  I reached out to touch her back as she came to a stop in front of me.  She stood behind a line of people that were surrounding the bloody mess on the floor.  Her back shimmered as my hand passed through it.  She looked real.  Was she a hallucination?
A hand reached up from the crowd, taking something from this woman.  “Thank you Eradia.  We will need several more bags of blood.  Would you mind making a call to L&A for me please?”  I recognized that voice.  It was Earadessa.
Earadessa was sent to us for protection and training.  “Hello, Earadessa?  Dessa, please tell me what’s going on?”
I received no response.
I inched closer, trying to peer over the many heads blocking my view of the body.  “Excuse me.  Please, let me through.”  No matter how many times I spoke, or yelled, no one even glanced in my direction.  It was as if I wasn’t even there.
My stomach began twisting in knots as fear crept in.  Someone I loved was in danger, but whom?  Bile rose up my esophagus, I wanted to puke.
Finally, there was a gap in the crowd.  A dark haired woman vacated her spot.  I recognized her as she walked past me, Resa.  Yes, I knew her…but from where?  I took her place in the crowd.  As I looked down I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped my lips.  What I saw was a female lying face down on the carpet, with a long deep gash in her back.
I watched as Sabastian sutured the flesh on her back.  Stitch after stitch, his hands worked in perfect rhythm.  How she could still be alive, I didn’t know.  There wasn’t a spot on the carpeted floor that wasn’t covered in her blood.
As he completed the last stitch, Earadessa began her work of wrapping the wound in gauze.  I watched her work carefully but swiftly, this was something she had done often.
I slowly slipped through the crowd.  I had to know who this woman was.
And then I saw her face.
I couldn’t breathe.  No matter how hard I tried to pull air into my lungs, I just couldn’t.  I knew the girl that was lying on the floor.  I recognized her the instant I saw her face, my face.
It all came flooding back to me.  All of my memories from the last several hours rushed back to me, scaring the living crud right out of me.


Royal Blood Volume One is an Omnibus containing Princesses of the Night and Hold Fast!

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